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Saturday, 14 January 2017

Bramble Bashing.

It's been quite a nice day with the occasional burst of sun. I was taking the scraps up to the compost heap when I caught sight of the sun lighting up the trees in the woods. By the time I had got my camera it had clouded over again so while I waited for the next break in the clouds I did a bit of hoeing. While the primrose flowers were a welcome sight I was glad of the opportunity to get rid of the weeds some of which are also starting to flower. 
Still trying to take things easy I did a bit more work on my blog notes but eventually the lure of the outside had me wrapping up to do a bit of gardening. My original intention was to tidy up the top of the wall by the scree garden but the sight of the brambles in the blackcurrant bushes had me dragging out brambles instead.  
With many of the other plants dormant for the winter it is a good time to tackle the brambles growing alongside the drive directly above the garden. Only several feet high at the moment it doesn't take long before the brambles are hanging over the drive putting cars in danger of multiple scratches. I've got enough 'Devon racing stripes' as it is and it isn't a good introduction to any prospective house buyers.

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