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Thursday, 26 January 2017


It's been a cold and windy day. I thought I'd take advantage of the wind and get some washing out on the line. What I didn't take into consideration was that that although the tops of the trees were swaying wildly in the south-easterly wind the woodshed and the hill behind were sheltering the washing line and my washing didn't get as dry as I'd hoped it would. However a short spell over the rayburn and then a hot iron did the trick.
For the rest of the day I've been working on my journal. I'm really enjoying looking at the blog and revisiting memories but I was a bit annoyed when I realised I'd spent about an hour making notes on a year that has already been done. All morning Patch and Squeaky were like little children following me around in the hope of being able to sit on my lap. Patch was literally under my feet as I did my morning housework following me from room to room. A couple of times I had both of them sitting on my lap but that didn't work as I kept needing to get up and look at stuff in the kitchen. I tried putting Squeaky on her blanket next to a radiator but as the radiator wasn't on she kept jumping up onto my chair. Eventually they gave up and sat together next to the rayburn. Now that the central heating is on Speedy is snoring as he leans against a radiator and Squeaky is sleeping underneath another. Patch and Speedy are not begging for food even though it is nearly their feeding time because earlier on I discovered that semolina goes off. I had a bag in the cupboard and thought I'd make some for later but once it was cooked it tasted nasty so the cats had it instead.
I've almost finished my latest crochet project, a bit of sewing and a couple of rows to do and it will be done. I'm already eyeing up a ball of multi-coloured wool and planning a simple ribbed hat for myself.

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