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Tuesday, 3 January 2017


It was cold and frosty this morning making the garden all white and twinkly. I didn't make it up in time to take any photos as my back was not too good after yesterday's work in the stream. Added to a worsening of my permanent sinus problem that made me unwilling to be up and doing things. However I count myself fortunate in that I can take things easy when I need. I'll be back at work tomorrow but that is only one afternoon for this week.
The sun was out for a while this afternoon and it didn't feel too cold. It was as I took some photos of these strange bubbles in the little pond that I realised that most of the surface was frozen over and these were air bubbles trapped in the ice.
I've just started a fire in the sitting room woodburner to take the chill off the rom. We discovered last night that the fire plus central heating is too much at the moment. One or the other for now and as we have dry logs to burn we might as well use them.
Squeaky is getting to be a bit of a pain with her constant meowing whenever I'm in the sitting room. She's nearly 17 and all she wants is my lap to sit on (yes she's up here now). The difficulty came when I tried to play the piano. It was wail, wail, wail until I picked her up. It's not so easy to play with a cat on your lap trying to wash your hand. In the end I worked on my right hand trying to nail the last couple of pages of In un'altra vita  (by Einaudi) which is mostly octaves between 1st and 5th finger.
Remember the derelict house for sale in Woolacombe for offers over £1.6 million? There was an article on the news yesterday about a fire there. It sounds more like people had broken in to have a New Year's party than an insurance scam. There was also a warning from the police about Weils disease so I guess the place was full of rats.

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happyone said...

Interesting photo of the trapped air bubbles.