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Friday, 6 January 2017


It's been one of those grey days when early morning light rain turned into heavy rain. Peter went into town this afternoon for an eye test and he says that everything above Shirwell was shrouded in fog. I ran outside during a slightly less wet spell to play around taking photos of rain drops. I found using the flash gave the best results.
Stuck indoors I did a bit of tidying tackling various containers which held all sorts of odds and ends. I know people who would simply tip such clutter into the bin and yes they do have very tidy homes but I just can't do that. Apart from wasting the planet's resources those screws might be just the size I need the next time I'm doing some repairs and how annoying would it be to lose the spring pin from a watch and not have any spares. It's much harder to put things in the appropriate storage than to throw them out but so satisfying when you do eventually need to use them. Some dross did go in the bin and some things into the charity shop bag and at the end of my sorting I had 2 empty wooden trays.
They may be old, battered and split but after a good clean and polishing with wax I think they look lovely. The rest of my afternoon was spent getting cat hairs off a large piece of black felt. I think one of the boys had bought it for gaming on which is why it got left in the conservatory and sat on by cats. It's not easy to get cat hairs off felt. The nature of the fabric makes my usual hair removing brush thing useless so after a good going over with sticky tape I resorted to using tweezers to pick out individual hairs.  

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