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Monday, 16 January 2017

Balancing Act.

Still cloudy today but even warmer than yesterday. As we had more people coming to view the house this afternoon my morning was spent tidying up. I even laid a fire to have burning in the sitting room to make the place more welcoming. Sadly although the people loved the place, the house and the garden in particular was too big. (You'd have thought the 6 bedrooms would have been a clue to the size.) Peter is getting fed up with keeping the place so tidy but for me it's the fact that we can't get on with the next phase of our lives that is frustrating. We've had one chap come to look at the plastering we want done in the upstairs corridor but it's too much for him so he's given Peter the name of somebody who would be able to tackle it.
At school I had my Year 2 class and once again it was PE. Today the children were working on trying different body shapes to make while balancing on their bottoms. As I walked around I was encouraging them to try some of the variations we had all had a go at. With me that means demonstrating as well as talking. Just unfortunate that as I lifted a leg to demonstrate whilst still standing, I clipped my foot against the edge of the other and overbalanced backwards ending up sitting on the floor against some stacked up chairs. A bit embarrassing but not one child thought it was funny and the only comments were those of concern. Later in the classroom one boy remarked "You were teaching us how to balance, we should have been teaching you to balance."
After school I walked into town to find some wool for another project. Again it's a present so I can say no more for a while.

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happyone said...

It is a pain having to keep everything so tidy.
Yes, you would think a 6 bedroom house would have given them a clue that it was big. : )