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Monday, 30 January 2017

Still Wet.

More rain today, not as heavy as yesterday but wet enough.

I had my lesson observation this afternoon. The feedback from the PE co-ordinator was constructive. All I can say about anything else is that I hope the house sells soon. I'm unlucky enough to have reached 60, which was the retirement age for women, at the same time as the government moved the retirement age to 66. I'm tired of struggling with my back and stocking up on painkillers just so that I can go to work. Once we do downsize I can afford to stop working and look forward to the next stage in our lives.


Harriet said...

I wish for your house to sell quickly and you be able to get on with the next phase of you life. I am almost 71 having retired at 62. I hear you loud and clear. Best wishes.

happyone said...

I hope your house sells quickly to and you can enjoy the next part of life.
We are enjoying retirement. : )

Ruta M. said...

Thank you both. I have a good feeling about this year.