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Sunday, 1 January 2017

Happy New Year.

Wishing everyone a Happy New Year. I liked this quote so I borrowed it from Facebook. We had a quiet evening without any celebrations which suits us oldies.
Today we are still in holiday mode. I've decided to take down all the decorations and cards tomorrow so this is the last evening to enjoy my tree which is more Lothlorien than traditional Teutonic.
It's a lot colder and wetter today so instead of braving the elements I've  had the washing machine on the go and all the sheets are now washed, dried and ironed. It was quite relaxing ironing and watching the Sleeping Beauty ballet at the same time. Naturally I was tempted to do some simple ballet exercises which I found automatically improved my posture. Royal Ballet here I come - or perhaps not.
This is the second time I've found a robin in the conservatory feeding on the cats' left over biscuit crumbs. He's certainly dicing with danger. I have to leave the outside door ajar because Patch isn't agile enough to jump up to the window which was the cats' way into the conservatory up till this year.

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Harriet said...

Like you, we had a quiet evening and are enjoying a lazy day. Best to you and your family in this new year 2017.