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Friday, 20 January 2017


A lighter frost this morning still with a nip in the air but the sun was out to brighten things up. I woke with a nasty sore throat which I guess is why I've been under the weather and more affected by stress. I sensibly followed Peter's advice and didn't try to do any work outside. As soon as the sun moved around to the other side of the house the temperature dropped rapidly. I could tell it had dropped below freezing this afternoon because when I opened the back of the car to wipe off the moisture on the inside of the window it immediately froze. Instead of my usual salad supper I've made some warming soup. It's one of my random recipes again, a tin of tomatoes, a tin of bean salad and an onion seasoned with turmeric (for health), pepper and smoked paprika because I like the taste. Topped with some Stilton it will do for me but Peter said he'll pass and put some fish in the oven instead.
I found myself going outside quite often just to take things to the recycling box or bring in logs from the bottom shed etc. Last year the remaining wood in there was very wet and covered with moss/algae but it's nice and dry now. We might as well get the benefit from burning the wood and right now I've got a lovely fire going. A good thing too as our frequent turning on of the central heating has brought the oil level in the tank quite low. We better ring for an oil delivery asap before the rayburn gets affected.
For the most part my day has been spent working on my blog notes for the journal. I've only got a couple of years left to do and then I can start writing into the actual journal and then hopefully I will keep it up to date.

See how much moss there is growing on the concrete.

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happyone said...

Hope your sore throat doesn't last long and your back to normal quickly.
Lovely frosty picture.