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Saturday, 7 January 2017


Once again it has been foggy and wet. I took the above photo in the middle of the day, not a nice day to be out.
I still need to rest my back so after the usual household jobs I sat and carried on picking hairs off the piece of felt. I even tried using the hoover but the tweezers are still the most efficient method. It looks pretty hair free now but I'll have one more session tomorrow before I put the felt away. While I was working in the kitchen Patch came in with another trout in his mouth. It was still wriggling and looking pretty lively so I took it off him and put it back in the stream. To compensate Patch for the loss of his 8" fish I gave him some milk. As I was carrying the trout to the stream the postman arrived, he was quite surprised by my fishing cat. As well as some letters the postman brought me a parcel, the first of 2 pairs of shoes I had ordered from the wider fit company. These were a pair of black trainers but while they were sufficiently roomy enough across the widest part of my feet they narrowed too quickly and were tight across the top of my toes. That was very annoying. There's no postage to pay when you return the shoes but of course there is the initial postage which doesn't get refunded. I thought I had got the size right with the first pair of shoes I bought which do fit me but in future I'll have to look carefully at the shape of the front of the shoes. The nearest stockists where I could try on the shoes are over 40 miles away so that's not really an option.
My last job of the day was to finish brushing the big throw. Once that was done I hoovered up all the bits of white fluff that were on the sofa, the cushions, the carpet and me.

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happyone said...

Those kinds of days are good for reading or cleaning depending on how energetic you are. : )