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Saturday, 28 January 2017

Some Sun.

Today we've had sunny spells and showers, both brief and cloudy for the rest of the time.  
When I went out to take some photos (during a sunny spell of course) I couldn't help getting down to ground level to clear a low growing plant of the moss growing through and over it. Not the best thing to do at the moment but I didn't want to see that poor plant smothered. I did do some gardening later on but clearing the leaves and occasional weed from the top of the stone wall by the scree garden could be done while standing.
My other jobs of the day were working on the journal and baking a cake. A simple chocolate pound cake - just because I had the ingredients.
I got very excited when the postman delivered yet another box of shoes which I'd only ordered a few days ago. Imagine my disappointment when the slip on ballet type shoes were too small (and they don't come in a bigger size) and while the short ankle boots were wide enough there was no grip at the back and my heels were going up and down in a way that would soon give me blisters. I tried different combinations of the removable insoles and my shaped inserts and even placed a spare insole around the heel but that pushed my foot forward and squished my toes so unfortunately both pairs of shoes will be going back. Crocs (and my cheap fake Crocs) are perfect for my feet but it would have been nice to have some proper shoes.
A shame this photo of Squeaky isn't sharp, I'll try again next time she sits in this patch of sunlight.

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happyone said...

Ah too bad about the shoes not fitting.
Beautiful photo of the very blue sky with the big white cloud.